[SO-1] - To develop a research methodology (including the design, development or adaptation of adequate assessment tools) for the multi-national detection of DV against women and men, its determinants, and effects in health and quality of life. 

[SO-2] - To describe the domestic violence experiences in Europe by performing a survey using the assessment tools agreed in a randomly selected, representative, proportionally stratified, census based sample of the total population (women and men aged 18-64), living in 8 EU States.

[SO-3]  - To contribute to a public health strategy for dealing with DV, initially aiming the 8 participating States, favouring meetings with key persons (e.g. policy makers personally invited to a conference in each country) for dissemination of the survey findings and the policy or practice solutions.

[SO-4] - To organize a European symposium aiming for wider dissemination of findings to the relevant governmental stakeholders, but also including NGOs and academics.