DOVE 2nd Meeting - December 3rd and 4th 09 | 2009-1-1

This week the second meeting of DOVE will take place in Ludwigsburg.

Ludwigsburg castle

This week the second meeting of DOVE will take place in Ludwigsburg, Germany. This meeting has the main objective of deciding the best way to ask people about domestic violence. It is well-known that domestic violence is a very sensitive question that should be addressed with respect and seriousness.


The following subjects are scheduled for debate:

Concerns about important DOVE issues, such as the best methodology and instrumentation to assess domestic violence;


The study protocol;

Agreement on DOVE’s main instruments;

DOVE pilot study’s structuring and scheduling.


This meeting intends to aid DOVE researchers in the definition of future work plan details. DOVE project is starting to “grow”.

Ludwigsburg city

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